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I love it. I could have actually written this song about my own life. Thank you for writing it and recording it. I will certainly be purchasing this album. I will also be reading your book. I can't wait to get both of them! Keep on keeping on. I know some of what you are going through. The only part I don't know about is having the whole world know that Im gay and being famous. I salute you for standing up for yourself and being true to yourself. I done it 10yrs ago and I had to go through alot because of it.....but I feel I am a much better and happier person than I was when i was lying to myself and everyone else. Take care of yourself and keep writing and singing! Your AWESOME!

Country Fans

Chely -- you might be surprised who a lot of your country fans are out there. Please don't judge us by the Nashville Holy Rollers. I have your CD's next to Pink and Santana. (They call that diversity!) It's your music that calls to us. It's your music that brings us back. Be who you are. I encourage everyone out their to buy your book and latest CD. Let's see if their predudice takes a seat to their greed!

Thank God 4 Chely

It's all about the person and who she really is. If country music fans won't support her and her decision to come out, then they really aren't the best fans in the world. I love country music and I love Chely and her music. I look at her not only as a beautiful woman but also a wonderful singer. I've loved her from the first time I heard her sing those many, many years ago and I still love her today. I'm a transgendered male so I know how hard it was for Chely to come out to the world because it was hard for me to come out and say I was transgendered but I did and I'm happier now then I ever was and I know she is too. Thank God 4 Chely and if her fans are as loyal as I am, then they will be there 4 her through thick and thin...I know I will be. Love ya Chely, Shane :)


YAY!!! Finally new music from Chely. I am flabbergasted. Your music is ahh-mazing! I cant wait until the new cd hits the store shelves. I will be there with bells on. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We are the lucky ones indeed. Lets not forget the added bonus. Chely's new book, Like Me. So much Chely so little time. YAY!!!!
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