BOOK DRIVE! The Like Me® Lighthouse Needs Your Unwanted Books and Dvds

The Like Me® Lighthouse Needs Your Unwanted Books and Dvds Do you have a pile of books taking up space in your home or office? Or stacks of DVDs collecting dust? Chely Wright and the Like Me® Organization request your help to build a lending library of LGBT titles for Like Me's Kansas City Lighthouse. Like Me's project to build our first LGBT center is underway! We need your help acquiring materials for our library! The Kansas City Lighthouse will open in early 2012 and our lending library will be a major part of the center and our mission to provide support, education and resources to LGBT individuals, their families and friends. We need to ensure it is ready from the moment we open our doors in the heart Kansas City's Main Street. Kansas City, Missouri is currently the largest Midwestern city without an LGBT center. With the addition of Like Me's Lighthouse and its library we will change that, by giving the Kansas City region its first LGBT center. The Lighthouse will serve as a beacon in this underserved area, through our work to support LGBT individuals and educate the community on LGBT issues. The Lighthouse will offer resources for members of the local LGBT community, their families, friends and straight allies. The Like Me® Lighthouse Library will ensure LGBT individuals and their families have the opportunity to gather information on LGBT lives, cultures and issues. Remember the positive feeling you felt when you first accessed LGBT centered materials that reflected positively on LGBT lives and issues? How they helped you accept yourself or your newly out loved one? Now imagine LGBT youth finally feeling safe to seek resources to educate and entertain them as they come out and explore their identity. Then imagine the loved ones of a newly out LGBT individual being able to find books and DVDs that will provide positive representations of the LGBT community. None of this can happen without you! Your contribution will make a tremendous difference in the lives of LGBT individuals, their families, friends and straight allies. With your donation of LGBT books, magazines, DVDs and/or CDs, we can build a comprehensive library. With your help, we will create the Midwest's largest lending library of LGBT material. LGBT individuals struggling with their sexual or gender identity will no longer live in fear or loneliness. Their loved ones will be able to correct and combat any misinformation they might have received about LGBT lives and issues. Your contribution will make it possible for us to educate the Kansas City community on LGBT issues. We will provide support to LGBT individuals, their families, friends and straight allies struggling to find resources that reflect positively on LGBT lives and communities. Most importantly, we will save lives by having these crucial resources on hand for people from the Kansas City region in their time of need. The Like Me® Lighthouse library will circulate both fiction and non fiction titles for all ages, everything from current to classic. In addition to LGBT books and DVDs, we will maintain subscriptions to at least 20 LGBT periodicals from across the nation. The Like Me® Library welcomes donations of all books, magazines, DVDs and CDs, both LGBT and non LGBT centered. However, we are unable to accept VHS videos, cassette tapes or records. Our collection policy will be to retain two copies of all LGBT titles. Extra copies and any non-LGBT titles will be sold at our book sale—which will be the main funding source for our library. Please send all donations to: Like Me® 915 Elm Ct. Belton, MO 64012